Memories of Jessica Marie Nichols 6/6/91-11/25/09

Missing Jessica

Posted on: November 27, 2009

Tell Jessica How Much You Miss Her


17 Responses to "Missing Jessica"

I’m not quite ready for this but if anyone needs to let their feelings out or share their own memories with the family, please take as much space & time as you need. We love & miss you, Jessica!!!

jessica was the most amazing girl ive ever met, she was smart,funny,beautiful,and intelligent. I was honored to be in her life and spend two years as her boyfriend. We shared alot of good memories together and her and her family took me in as there own. Life isnt going to be the same without her, we are all going to miss you and we all love you jess. May you rest in peace and watch over us and make sure were safe and we make the right decisions. I love you and you will always be in my heart

jessica nichols was a really awesome girl .. she was so fun, loving, and beautiful. she always knew how to make my day or give me a good laugh. she was my first good friend ever in illinois and i thank her for giving me a great friend and helping me to fit in. i’ll never forget the fun times we use to always have and all the times her family treated me like i was one of there own. i really wish i wouldve had more time to hang out with her and hadnt moved away and wish i was there with her. i really miss her but i know she’ll always be with me and someday we’ll meet again. i love you jessica nichols and just know i’ll be seeing you again!

jessica marie nichols, you’re an amazing girl, and a great best friend. we had sooooooo manyyy amazinggg memories. We did some outrageous shit together girl, and you always took each & every one of your steps with pride. I admire you and your strength one hundred percent. i never thought this day would come, or even this soon. you are so young & full energyyy, dammm jessssie im going to miss you so much. i havn’t done anything since your passing but wounder why, & think how i got robbed of a great friendship. you will be greatly misssed by me & many many others Jesss, i fucking love you girl. Rest In Peace.

Damn Jessica, I remember when we all got together and watched the boys play basketball, all the shit we used to do, its insane that ur gone. It was like a couple weeks ago I saw you at Burger King and we were supposed to get together to hang out and catch up. You were always there to listen when I had issues. you will definitely be missed.

Jessica Marie, man am I going to miss you. Everything seems so unreal to me. and i’m never going to forget the phone call that I got that morning. you’ll always be my bebs and BEST friend forever. You are definitely someone that i’m going to miss more than anything in this world. I just can’t believe and don’t understand why something like this happens to such an amazing person. You didn’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this! I’ll never forget the memories that I’ve shared with you. Especially back in the day & the most recent one with the squirrel with the nuts in his mouth that looked straight at us when we were in the car driving! haha. That was the best. I can’t believe any of this. I have these moments where I stare at nothing and think of you. You’re always on my mind and there’s never a time when I don’t think of you. When I wake up in the morning, you’re what I think about. I feel like it was all just a dream and realize that you’re still gone..and you’re not with me anymore. well, as of right now. I’m going to see you again someday. I hope that you’ll wait for me. I miss you Jessica Marie Nichols & I love you more than anything in this world. I’ll never forget you. you’re amazing baby. I love you. & i hope your reading this!! you’ll love all these comments. I’m staying strong for you baby!! rest in peace baby girl. i miss you.

jeez, jess. i never thought this day would come so soon for you. i remember goin to school with you. we weren’t great friends, let alone did we talk much. but i do remember the last time i seen you! we were all at some party, and i never thought that this would happen. you’re greatly missed, and will be in everyone’s hearts. i still can’t believe your gone, it just isn’t making sense to me. i wish that this was different, even though we didn’t talk much! you’ll be missed girl, watch over everyone ❤

Jessica was a beautiful girl and like one of my favorite cuzins EVER she was so ummmazzzingggg and funn to hang out with i loved every second we spent together 🙂 jessica always did no how to make someone laugh she was alway so cheerful and happy 🙂 iloveyouuuu jessica we all love youu and misss you:( forever and always<33 jaqi:)

Jess, We never got the chance to really get to know each other. You were still a friend, none the less. I saw you quite a bit over this past year. We had alot of laughs and conversations. Some of the best laughs I’ve ever had was with you and DJ. You always gave a helping hand to anybody that needed it. You did so many good things for the people around you. Such a beautifull and wonderful girl. It would be impossible to forget you! You are so loved, Jess. People will always remember you and love you and cherish the memories of you. And I cant describe how honored I am to be one them. Love you girl! Forever and always!!!

jessica, man so far we go back n so many memories that will stuck in my mind forever, i cant belive u were taken frome us its still so hard to belive, u were the best friend even though we had are issues at times. il remeber how u always told me well always be true homies, lol. and wenever i needed a smile u knew just how to do that. people will always remember everything about you. it wont be the same without u. i still have the pictures u took since 06. when we took them from you n you smashed the car door on my head lol hahaha but u will always be missed and loved by so many people and we will keep u in our haerts n cherish the memories u have of u and well see u again someday…love u jess RIP.

Jess, hunny i miss you ohh so much, this is all still so unreal to me. your all i think about throught the day, all the memories come back to me from all the fun times we had together i just cant help but to giggle when i cry. like the time i will NEVER forget was when we got whoohoo on your deck and i started crying and said jessica..? as i stared into your eyes and said. “You bring a tear to my eye.” we always talked about that. but jess your not here which kills me cuz all i want to do you see you, and hold you like you never left. you were my best friend jess for nine years when me you and nick all met in the sandbox.we always had a good time together no matter what we were doing. we have done so much stuff jess but now i have to keep goin without you but i know that you will be watchin over everyone of us keepin an eye us.but jess baby i love you soooooo much and i always will. your my ham and im your cheese without eachother we cant make a hot pocket.=]
i lovee you jessica marie nichols rest in paradise baby.

so sorry to lose you so young loved having you in lunch at long beach we had good times.

gods blessings to the family
jill dillon

Jessica Marie Nichols; I’ve known you for quite some time & lately we seemed to chill more often than before but we’ve always been friends. I can’t seem to grasp the fact that you are truly gone. It’s so unreal to me. I feel like your still a street away just at home. I can’t believe it. That night when I saw there had been a bad accident on Route 30..I just wish it hadn’t been you in that car. God took a wonderful, young, beautiful & intelligent woman from this earth. Heaven gained one. You were definatley going somewhere too girl. It shouldn’t have been you..I love you Jess ❤ You will always be in my heart & I will always miss you!

hey girl …. i love you more than you will ever kno . you were my bestfriend , someone who knew everything about me .. now i dont kno what to do no one knows me like you did …we could practically read eachothers mind just by the looks we gave … im gonna miss all the good times from the parties to sharin a room with u in high school lol…. no one did it up like we did 🙂 you were always one to put a smile on everyones face…either because you said something funny or because your clumsy ass was trippin and fallin all the time lol…but i just want you to kno that no matter what you will always be my number one;the person that i first think to call when i have big news , the one i want to cry to when everythings just fallin apart(kinda like right now ), and the one person i could tell anything to and i kno it wouldnt get out….jessica marie nichols i love you girl and im always gonna be missin you…keep the boys in line up there robbie n nick need it lol…
love lys

Jessica is my cousin and i love her she is soooo beautiful and blessed, she is loved all around she always new how to make people laugh and have a good time she is sooo fun to b around!!

u will never b forgotttt!

love you cuz may you rest in peace..!

even no i didnt know her she sounds like a nice person.

rest in peace

Hey, a lot of u that look at this may not know me but i am Jessicas older sister and i just wanted to let everyone know how much i am greatful that my sister had such good people in her life that were there for her…i was unfortunate to be one of those people but i honestly wish i cud have been there but i just wanna thank you everyone…. I LOVE YOU LIL SIS…and i am soooo sorry i wasnt there for u!

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